Monday, January 09, 2006

I've started this blog to document my progress with the new Thousand Sons army I'm starting.

I've been working on a Space wolves army since the last codex came out. The problem is that I started putting my space wolves together before I started playing on a regular basis. The result was that I have an army that I'm really happy with aesthetically, but one that doesn't play very well. (seriously I have like a 10:1 win-loss ratio- I know this has a lot to do with my skill as a general, but army selection is a big part of that). I paint at an incredibly slow rate, so I've been spending a crazy amount of time trying to get them to where I want them.

Bottom line is that I'm a little burned out on SWs. So I figured I'd sell my soul to the dark powers. Tzeech and the Thousand Sons specifically. I'm a little shocked to hear that some people think that it's a hard list to play. I looks like I pick another army simply because I like how the minis look.

OK, what's the problem, why are they so hard to play? The list I've been kicking around in my head would be a lord on a disc, two squads of TSons (w/ sorcerer ACs), one squad of flamers, one of Screamers, a defiler, a predator w/ all las cannons, and a dread w/ las cannons and rocket launcher. I haven't added the points on this yet or decided on wargear/ gifts, etc... I was thinking of dumping the disc and giving my lord a squad of chosen.

I'm more of a painter than a player so any help in the strategy department would help.


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