Thursday, January 12, 2006

More WD, (no) pictures

Well, there may be no articles about Thousand Sons in White Dwarf 312, but there are two pictures of Thousand Sons armies (See pages 100 and 128). The one on page 128 isn't the studio army, either.

I was disappointed to see that in his "In & Out" list for 2006 Eric Sarlin, the US editor considers Blogs "out" and Internet Comics "In" for 2006. I guess I should get drawing. Also out for this year, drybrushing. That's fine because stippling and blending are in.

I'm trying to avoid ranting about how poor the writing has gotten in WD, but man, who edits this stuff? The articles out of the UK studio seems fine, but the stuff written in the US is just unbearable. Like the article "Sisters of Battle" about women who play 40K. Great idea; terrible article. "A word in your ear" was actually pretty good this month, but that column has stunk since they started it. Don't get me started about "Dirty" Steve and Echoes from the Warp. Ugh.

OK, no more ranting.

So last night, I had every intention of going into Gamer's Paradise and only buying White Dwarf and some paint. I told myself that I should only buy miniatures after I've finished the ones I was working on. Unfortunately, the powers of chaos would not have it. They were having a "buy one get second one half-off" sale, and they had only two blisters of Tzeetch flamers left. I'm so weak. I walked out of the store with White Dwarf 312, two blisters of flamers, and three pots of paint (Midnight Blue, Regal Blue, and Ultramarine Blue). The flamers are nice models, I'm just not sure which arms go with which bodies. I picked up the Midnight blue, but I think it may be a little too purple for Thousand sons. I'll probably just use it on the Flamers.

What's a painting Blog without pictures? Well, you're looking at it. I've had a couple of requests for pictures already. Unfortunately, I don't own a camera. I do take pictures, but usually with a disposable point and shoot. This isn't really a problem, because there isn't much to see right now. Down the line, I'm going to start looking pretty stupid if I don't get some pictures posted. I do know a couple of digital camera owners, so I'll see if they can hook me up.


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