Friday, April 28, 2006


I found my UK White Dwarf! There is a games workshop store two blocks from my hotel. I haven't had time to really read the issue, but so far, I've been struck by how much forge world stuff is in it. There is a long article on the Taros Campaign. It also has the staff Mordhiem campaign, which is already available at the Specialist Games Website. Still, it's cool to see Specialist Games Stuff grace the pages of White Dwarf. There are also a lot of ads offering big savings on games workshop products depending on different specials. Strange how we don't get those much state-side.

As far as Dublin in general, I'm pretty inspired by all these old buildings to build some Warhammer (or Mordheim) terrain.

Well, I'm in a seedy internet cafe and this post has already cost me a Euro.

More on all of this soon.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

A Quest!

I'm leaving for Ireland tonight and have compiled a list of GW stores in Dublin. I'm hoping to score a UK edition of White Dwarf while I'm there. If I have some extra money, I may even pick up the Mordhiem "Angry Mob." As far as I know, this is unavailable state-side.

I'll have the full report when I return.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Finally, Adepticon Pictures

Here are some pictures from this year's Adepticon. Sorry, but I don't have a fancy digital camera, so most of these pictures are of people at the team tournament. If you're looking for pictures of all the cool miniatures, there are plenty of places for that. If you're looking for funny gamer-themed pictures with even funnier commentary, this is your place.

Giles and Art prepare their spirits for battle. Can you see the confidence and determination on their faces? Not to mention faith in the Emperor?

Jason, our esteemed team captain, looks on to our assembled forces. He's thoughts? - "Damn, we are so going to get our asses kicked in comp and painting."

The afore mentioned assembled forces of Angelis de Morte.

Jes Goodwin and me. He was nice enough to pose for this picture even after my team mates and I told him something like, "We kicked your limey ass in 1776, and we'll do it again!"

Giles shows off his master strategy.

Our first game in which we were grossly outnumbered by team "King of the Nerds." Wait, this picture doesn't do the situation justice...

How is this fair? Huh? How?

Me directing my troops, "Come on, men. Move!!"

The winners of the Best Sportsman Award, The Chicago Untouchables!! (If you ask me, that trophy looks kinda cheap)

I remember when nerds roamed the open plains as far as the eye could see.

The members of GROG (Glorious Regiment of Gamers) looking, well, groggy.

Giles and Art during their final battle. Can you still see their determination, their faith? Still no, huh?

All right, that's all for now. I've been spending most of my painting time on building terrain for Nercomunda. Not much else to report.