Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Happy Anniversary to Me!

And my blog. Today is the one year anniversary of Painting Thousand Sons. I was planning to do a year in review post, but held off because I wanted to combine it with a Anniversary post. So here goes.

Looking back, I'm initially little disappointed with my output this year. After all, I'm just now finishing up my first unit of Sons. When I take a closer look, however, I was more productive this year than I have been in a good many years.

The first distraction from my goal of Tzeentch-themed world domination was Adepticon. Obviously, I wasn't going to be able to field my Sons, but at the same time, my Space Wolves needed a little touching up. I didn't spend a ton of time on them, but it's the first thing that knocked me off course. To add insult to injury, the work was done for the Sons' hated rivals, the Space Wolves! Terrible, isn't it?

Then there was the Necromunda campaign. This was a lot of fun and honestly, I didn't put a ton of work into either setting it up or updating my gang. I did, however, make a gaming board and a ton of terrain. I'm actually pretty pleased with this.

One other very minor distraction was Warmachine. I really didn't do much for this besides glue the first box together and read the rules. Still , it's mental energy in the wrong direction.

I am impressed with how much I've been able to post on this blog. I've had 58 posts which is very slightly more than one a week. I'm proud that this is not one of the countless abandoned blogs on the net.

OK, so my Thousand Sons army is nowhere near ready for the table top even after a year. I'm OK with that. I've played more games this year (mostly of Necromunda) than I have in the last two combined. I expect next year will prove to be even more fruitful.

On that note, to celebrate my anniversary I want to make an announcement: I'm shutting down this blog. That's right. Soon My New Thousand Sons will be no more.

Don't worry, I'm just renaming it and changing the URL. From now on, my blog will be known as The Citizen Nick Hobby Center!

More details to follow...


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