Friday, December 15, 2006

At Least It's Friday

...Even if I have no Defiler pictures for you. In fact, I don't have anything. Between being terribly sick last week and Holiday festivities this week, I haven't gotten much done. Honestly, I don't expect to get much done until after the first of the year. Still, I have this paranoid fear that I don't continue to post every week, people will think I've abandoned my blog and never bother to check it again. The Horror!

New Plan of Action

Since we're nearing the end of the year, I'd like to reflect on what I've accomplished in the last year. I have to say, it's not much. Well, not as much as I like anyway. I think I'm just frustrated that I don't think I have much to show for all my work this last year.

I think the problem is that I haven't been as focused as I'd like. I'll paint one day, then my next session I'll build some flamers. Then I'll go back to painting, but the next session I'll work on my Defiler. The end result is that I have several projects n different stages but nothing completely finished. It's pretty frustrating.

So starting now, I'm going to do nothing but finish my first squad of Sons. After that is complete (and I've posted it on CMON), I'm going to build my entire army. That way, I can at least play some games with my it.

This means that for some time, there will be no more Defiler Fridays. Sorry.

Old News

I found this on my hard drive. It's from a trip to the Dungeon a while back. Enjoy...

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